Mybackup versus Risks of Cloud Sync Storage

Mybackup Cloud backup is designed to protect your files in the cloud automatically while Cloud Sync storage like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. are meant to add storage capacity and extend the size of your hard drives.

These Cloud Sync storage services doesn’t protect all your data automatically, you need to consciously save files into a designated folder in order to sync across your devices, and in case you delete a file from one PC mistakenly, you might be out of luck as the data is deleted on all synced devices. Risk of data loss!

Mybackup protects all data on a PC/Server for all the users locate at C:\Users automatically while you can add additional backup paths including external drives and USB sticks. We have highlighted a few differences between our backup technology and the Cloud sync storage below.

FeaturesMybackupDropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive/
Data Backup
Unlimited Backup Storage   X 
Multiple Incremental backups   X 
Price-Personal plan$4.99/MonthTier-pricing
Email backup alerts   X 
Web based access  
Multi factor Authentication  
System Image/application backup-Enterprise plan   X 
File sharing  X  

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